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Corporate excellence

EFER Construtores Associados was born from an association of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the execution of commercial, real estate, industrial and corporate services.

With a vision for the future and solid Business Management skills, EFER has built, throughout its 25 years, an expressive number of apartments, commercial rooms and private works. Currently, the company has more than 600 projects delivered, committed to efficiency and professionalism.

Its staff is made up of trained professionals able to uphold the standard of quality and efficiency of its constructions. Projects are built with the latest technologies, full support in the feasibility stage of construction, clarity and transparency in the service to our customers.

Over the years, EFER has been rising as a solid company in the real estate market, capitalized and in search of business excellence, with the objective of winning new clients every day, exceeding the most demanding expectations.

Areas of Expertise

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EFER is a company with high levels of constructive technology and business management, operating in a wide range of real estate development market segments, as well as commercial and industrial properties. We offer the highest standards of professional quality, continuously seeking to combine operational productivity with cost optimization.

For this reason, EFER Construtores Associados ensures that its enterprises will have a team with extensive experience in the study and development of projects with proven quality and competence in all stages of the productive process, from the architectural plans to the execution of the work - giving the company seriousness and confidence of economic groups operating in the national market.

The company stands out for its agility, specialization, sustainability and professional quality, composed of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the field of Civil Construction, and who are fully focused on excellence in service delivery. Due to all these factors, EFER guarantees to its customers safety, transparency and efficiency in all stages of its operations.

Among the numerous projects we have carried out over these 25 years, we highlight the construction of residential condominiums, commercial buildings, supermarkets, industrial warehouses, shopping malls, department stores and communication companies' headquarters.

Our Commitment

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Our search for quality can be noted in all stages of construction, from the development of innovative projects to the careful execution, including the organization and maintenance of construction sites.

We are committed to the management of internal processes, thus ensuring the constant improvement of our construction methods. Through the innovations implemented in the planning and execution processes of our projects, we raise the level of excellence within the company and ensure that each work is always delivered on time and with high added value, turning every project into a success story.

Quality, transparency and customer satisfaction: this is our commitment to you!